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UI Scaling : Is there a way to increase the size of the ui buttons and text?


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I am running EIAS3D 9.1 demo on mac with a 27" apple thunderbolt display 2560x1440 (not even 4k).

The problem is that all the buttons and the text are really small, almost to the point of being unclickable and unreadable.

Is there a way to rescale/resize the ui elements to a more comfortable level other than lowering the resolution or increasing the zoom/scaling on windows?

My concern is for the future, when my monitor stop working I will go for a 4k screen and I won't be able to use EIAS3D anymore.

This problem is so serious that Lightwave is loosing a lot of users because they failed to even recognized the problem.

For now I can deal with it, but as I get older and the screen dpi increase I won't.

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