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  1. Can you imagine that for 5 years EIAS probably did not receive any money and they have to pay for the programmers? I would rather pay less more frequently and see EIAS grow than to think : I made a good deal. I agree there need to be an option to buy the full software.
  2. But at the same time, it would allowed to improve the software at a much faster rate. All non-subscription 3D software are dead now or have not evolved. Also the starting price is too much for 80% of the people.
  3. I just uploaded a video that I made 15 years ago. Because CG is always perfect and clean, I went to a plant, just before it closed for good to take hundreds of pictures for reference. I took picture of everything that is messy, rusty and dirty. This is what real life is : chaos. If anyone is interested, I still have the original high-rez pictures. I still look at them before modeling and texturing just for inspiration. 3DCG is too artificial and it is not just the model and material, the placement of stuff also. There is tons of out of place objects scattered around. If it is too boring to watch, increase the speed of the playback in youtube. https://youtu.be/KshgvU591Z0
  4. Last year I started EIAS and it was not starting, i look at the back of my computer and the dongle was not there. I started to panic and looked around and it was simply gone. After a couple of hours of looking for the damn dongle, I looked into the vacuum cleaner. Lucky for me it was there. Not only this thing is expensive, it cost 75$ to ship it to Canada. It also prevent people from ever subscribing to EIAS if they ever implement a subscribe option (with the option to buy a full license also of course)
  5. I know the feel, I have been working 3 years on an very ambitious app for iOS. I had to redo many things many times, because Apple is changing the language and sdk constantly. Apple is also changing the rules for the store at random without any infos on how to proceed. I finished the app 3 months ago, but we can't release because some pdf library won't sign on the store. Now I am doing my own gzip library, because it was my 3rd time changing library and they simply stopped compiling or complying with the store. But the thing to remember is to release more often with smaller feature list cause our customers are really tired of waiting for the new app, when the old app is full of bugs and lacking essential features (I was talking about our old app, not EIAS). In my humble opinion proper HIGH DPI support (for monitor and tv above 4k) is the most important feature. This is killing Lightwave, Strata, FormZ, Cinema4d and many others. I mean you can't use them unless you lower your resolution to 1080p and it becomes blurry on a 4k monitor. Lightwave is really useless on a 4k monitor or even 3k 27" Apple monitor. Their users are complaining and they don't care or don't have the resources to resolve it. I know what you have done with version 10 (I have not seen everything yet) and I know all the effort you have put into it. It is worth the wait and I believe that EIAS will take back it's crown as the fastest 3D animation and rendering software on the market soon. Please, also sell/rent/subscription EIAS 10 by small monthly payments to attract new users that don't have the money to buy the full app at once.
  6. These videos should be made free by now. Pay Scott Simmons and put those fantastic tutorials on your website where they belong. Tomas, please, never do such a big upgrade at once, do it incrementally next time. Seriously working with EIAS9 on a 55" 4k monitor with windows 10 scaling is torture (because otherwise everything UI is minuscule). You could charge money for smaller upgraded version like the other software do. Waiting this long is "slow water drop torture".
  7. https://www.vtc.com/products/Electric-Image-Animation-System-7-Tutorials.htm This is money well spent and even if not fully up to date, it is still 90% relevant of current EIAS. Why is this tutorial series not in the tutorial page on the EIAS3D website? To learn EIAS, there is no better way in my opinion. There is also the old book : Professional 3d with Electric Image Universe by Lance Evans. Honestly EIAS is currently lacking good video tutorials that cover every function in detail in 4k or at least HD video. I will probably make some tutorial along the way when version 10 is released.
  8. You did not say : not right now in 9.1 but it will in 10 Will there be another way to do it in version 10? It is not something really important, it's just that it prevent people (younger one) from working a certain way: a more modern way. Like I said, I like working in only one orthographic view that I can rotate around. Working axis aligned is not always possible either.
  9. Ok, I did not know that I also had to also install both 32bit libraries on my 64bit os. The two 64 bit one were already installed. So there must be some 32bit code hidden somewhere in EIAS that it link to. Thankyou for the quick response.
  10. I would like to do like all other 3D software: work with only one orthographic (no perspective) and rotate the view in 3D to fit my needs. A camera view would be fine, if I could disable the perspective. I did not find a way to have more than 1 camera view. I would like to have 1 camera view to see the final result with another single orthographic view to navigate and turn around the scene. Is that possible?
  11. When I try to open Camera or render anything in Animator I get : Camera.exe -Application Error The application was unable to start correctly. Click OK to close the application.
  12. I am not in a hurry, I just want to know if it's gonna be in 2019 or 2020?
  13. Is there an approximate release date for EIAS 10 on PC? I have put my project on hold for 2 years now, waiting for version 10 to start on the right foot.
  14. I contacted them, but for now there is no way to check it on their website until they create the new one. Maybe I'll code a random scatter replicate plugin with some along surface options and a replace particles with object plugin. I was supposed to do that some 15 years ago and it is still needed today.
  15. Does the plugin "Instancing" still exist? That would be nice to be able to automatically copy/place objects over another object.
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