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  2. Ola my friend! Glad you solved and explained why :) Thanks a lot! Tom
  3. I managed to make it work. The issues were: I had Windows 11's Core isolation's Memory Integrity feature on, and it was keeping the Sentinel driver from loading (it shows so in the Device Manager control panel). I had to switch it off to be able to work. I first had to uninstall that more recent version I had downloaded from the vendor (It probably is compatible with that security feature, but EIAS didn't seem to be able to use it) and then just reinstall EIAS. I hadn't installed all four Library packages from your link (I was too accustomed to only use x64 versions, forgetting that EIAS has both 32 and 64 bit components). Thank you so much for your help :)
  4. Ola my friend, Yes, the DUO Dongle is a Sentinel SuperPro hardware key. EIAS9.1 need the Dongle drivers and the Library packages to run Camera, you can download them here, run everything as Admin. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yaf1m1njr5gj1tj/ReDistributable_Package_91.zip?dl=0 Install all 4 inside. Thanks Tom
  5. It’s the purple Rainbow Duo one. I think I can create a clean Windows 11 install to experiment on. I’ll try again and report what I get.
  6. Ola my friend, I just installed EIAS 9.1 on a user using Windows 11 a few days ago. How old is your dongle? Do you know if its a DUO dongle? (which runs on a Mac and Win machines)? is it a purple or a black hardware key? Thanks Tom
  7. Having just migrated from Mac to a brand new Intel i7 13700K-based Windows 11 system, I find that I can't get EIAS 9.1 (and EIModeler, which I was nostalgic about) to run, while I've had not problem managing that on older Windows 10 systems (even on VirtualBox!). The problem is that I'm getting a Hardware Key Error: DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED error message. Things I've done and their results: First of all, I just tried installing EIAS 9.1, running the installer in Admin mode just in case, to no avail: the Sentinel driver visibly fails to complete its installation. Given that, I located what looked like the latest version of the driver, at https://supportportal.thalesgroup.com/csm?sys_kb_id=e88691ba37edcb08cc47261953990e80&id=kb_article_view&sysparm_rank=12&sysparm_tsqueryId=655a4c5edb112d5049dfcf831596192b&sysparm_article=KB0016514 , which fully installed without trouble. As a test, relaunching the EIAS installer had it react to the presence of this driver as a higher version of the one it provides. Still, whenever I launch EIAS the aforementioned error message shows up. I'm launching EIAS as an Administrator. I've tried setting UAC to its lowest level, too. Given all that, I wonder if you have a recipe or sequence for a successful install. Other than Windows 11, the processor might be a factor, as 13th generation i7 come with 24 cores and that seems to be problematic for some old apps somehow.
  8. Ola Joseph! Im waiting the new builds from Igors, but we had some slow downs since they live in Donetsk, Ukraine, its not easy right now there. Thanks a lot! Tom
  9. Ola Kurt! We are developing v10, fixing bugs and moving EIAS for the latest OS Monterey now, a long road of Apple changes. Thanks Tom
  10. Bump. Still seeking signs of life. Any ETA on the release?
  11. Ola my friend! Sorry, we were porting the forum to a new server and I lost this msg. Thingmaker, Could you minimize this project and send me? Thanks Tom
  12. Hiya, Not 100% sure, maybe a file path error: Cannot examine file. System error and file path given. Error codes: http://www.eias3d.com/frequent-questions/ Thanks Nige.
  13. I have EI installed on a Mac with Mojave OS. Anything I render I get this error. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Ola JoeV! EIAS 9.1 doesnt work anymore with OS Catalina or earlier OSs, since Catalina is a 64 bits OS and EIAS 9.1 is a 32 bits app. EIAS v10 is already full 64 bits which in teory runs on the latests OS, since Mac Studio is a M1 computer, EIAS v10 probably will run on it, but Apple killed last year the previous dongle drivers for several apps, we plan to look the dongle drivers soon or later and check v10 on the M1 Macs, I will post new info later for sure. Thanks! Tom
  15. Is EI 9 compatible with the new Mac Studio? If not, will version 10 be compatible?
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