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  2. Ola my friend! Waiting Igors news, they are having lots of troubles with Internet in Donetsk this month. Thanks tom
  3. Ola my friend! I would love to have EIAS v10 finished asap, mostly need bug fixes on Animator! But I need to wait them :) Thanks Tom
  4. Great! Hoping Igors are safe from Russian bombing! Good Health and good luck to all of you! Burney
  5. Ola my friend! Yes, but Im in the pace of our developers Igors, which are in Ukraine. Any news I have, I will post for sure. Thanks Tom
  6. Ola Dan! Send me the simple project first, let me test it :) Thanks Tom
  7. it's a logo of inflated type coming together combined with a bunch of primitive shapes. A soft body dynamics animation I worked on with somebody else actually. I haven't tried doing it in EIAS but I guess it could be done if the cloth plugin could work along and interact with the Bullet system. So you're saying that enabling Encage would render motion blur on child model cycling? I might get encage just for that.
  8. Ola Dan! Clear, you can batch convert the final portion to prevent the crash and merge with the first portion you did which worked, probably enabling Encage will solve the motion blur issue. Which kind of animation are you doing to need the child cycling feature? Thanks Tom
  9. Thanks for your reply Tom, that's great news about encage functionality for EIAS 10. I can't wait, although you know I've been saying I can't wait for years now. I've had to stretch the animation even longer to almost 1000 frames so almost 1000 child objects and now EIAS 9.1 is crashing on me after batch converting obj's to fact's which wasn't happening this morning. I can't send a simplified version since I need ALL models smooth when rendered. I've moved the render to Cinema 4d which is where the modeling took place and that's about all I can do. I really wanted to render in EIAS because of its nice motion blur but I just learnt also that motion blur doesn't work with child cycling so moving the render to Cinema makes total sense now. Thanks again.
  10. Ola Dan! Do you want to send me a simplified project with only the model which you are using child cycling? I can test it here for you :) About v10, Lets say we will cover this request :) Thanks Tom
  11. Hi. I have a question about Encage. I have a project that uses the child cycling feature in EIAS 9.1 and it consists of a model that has about 900 child objects. The project file therefore contains 900 models and is about 50 MB in size. I would like to use Encage to smooth the model plus its 900 child objects all at once. Would Encage work in a project like this? or would it cause EIAS to crash because the plugin can't handle so many models? I was also wondering about EIAS v10. If the next update to the application contained Encage or something similar I guess I could wait and not buy the plugin now. Don't know what to do. My main issue is if Encage works with the model cycling feature. I f anyone has any experience on this please let me know. Thanks very much in advance.
  12. I managed to make it work on windows 11 and I don't know exctly how. Ross did help me and it is indeed Sentinel 7.5.1 driver that works. Contact me on fakebook if you need help. I also recommend doing this to Camera.exa and Animator.exe
  13. Windows 11 failed I did install the 4 redistributable. Installed the "Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.6.1.exe" dongle driver Then uninstalled that driver. Reinstalled EIAS 9.1 installer that install the dongle driver Turned off Core Isolation Memory Integrity in Windows Security. Rebooted 100 times. I get this message when starting Animator.exe as Administrator
  14. Ola my friend! Glad you solved and explained why :) Thanks a lot! Tom
  15. I managed to make it work. The issues were: I had Windows 11's Core isolation's Memory Integrity feature on, and it was keeping the Sentinel driver from loading (it shows so in the Device Manager control panel). I had to switch it off to be able to work. I first had to uninstall that more recent version I had downloaded from the vendor (It probably is compatible with that security feature, but EIAS didn't seem to be able to use it) and then just reinstall EIAS. I hadn't installed all four Library packages from your link (I was too accustomed to only use x64 versions, forgetting that EIAS has both 32 and 64 bit components). Thank you so much for your help :)
  16. Ola my friend, Yes, the DUO Dongle is a Sentinel SuperPro hardware key. EIAS9.1 need the Dongle drivers and the Library packages to run Camera, you can download them here, run everything as Admin. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yaf1m1njr5gj1tj/ReDistributable_Package_91.zip?dl=0 Install all 4 inside. Thanks Tom
  17. It’s the purple Rainbow Duo one. I think I can create a clean Windows 11 install to experiment on. I’ll try again and report what I get.
  18. Ola my friend, I just installed EIAS 9.1 on a user using Windows 11 a few days ago. How old is your dongle? Do you know if its a DUO dongle? (which runs on a Mac and Win machines)? is it a purple or a black hardware key? Thanks Tom
  19. Having just migrated from Mac to a brand new Intel i7 13700K-based Windows 11 system, I find that I can't get EIAS 9.1 (and EIModeler, which I was nostalgic about) to run, while I've had not problem managing that on older Windows 10 systems (even on VirtualBox!). The problem is that I'm getting a Hardware Key Error: DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED error message. Things I've done and their results: First of all, I just tried installing EIAS 9.1, running the installer in Admin mode just in case, to no avail: the Sentinel driver visibly fails to complete its installation. Given that, I located what looked like the latest version of the driver, at https://supportportal.thalesgroup.com/csm?sys_kb_id=e88691ba37edcb08cc47261953990e80&id=kb_article_view&sysparm_rank=12&sysparm_tsqueryId=655a4c5edb112d5049dfcf831596192b&sysparm_article=KB0016514 , which fully installed without trouble. As a test, relaunching the EIAS installer had it react to the presence of this driver as a higher version of the one it provides. Still, whenever I launch EIAS the aforementioned error message shows up. I'm launching EIAS as an Administrator. I've tried setting UAC to its lowest level, too. Given all that, I wonder if you have a recipe or sequence for a successful install. Other than Windows 11, the processor might be a factor, as 13th generation i7 come with 24 cores and that seems to be problematic for some old apps somehow.
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