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  1. Ola my friend! I would love to have EIAS v10 finished asap, mostly need bug fixes on Animator! But I need to wait them :) Thanks Tom
  2. Ola my friend! Yes, but Im in the pace of our developers Igors, which are in Ukraine. Any news I have, I will post for sure. Thanks Tom
  3. Ola Dan! Send me the simple project first, let me test it :) Thanks Tom
  4. Ola Dan! Clear, you can batch convert the final portion to prevent the crash and merge with the first portion you did which worked, probably enabling Encage will solve the motion blur issue. Which kind of animation are you doing to need the child cycling feature? Thanks Tom
  5. Ola Dan! Do you want to send me a simplified project with only the model which you are using child cycling? I can test it here for you :) About v10, Lets say we will cover this request :) Thanks Tom
  6. Ola my friend! Glad you solved and explained why :) Thanks a lot! Tom
  7. Ola my friend, Yes, the DUO Dongle is a Sentinel SuperPro hardware key. EIAS9.1 need the Dongle drivers and the Library packages to run Camera, you can download them here, run everything as Admin. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yaf1m1njr5gj1tj/ReDistributable_Package_91.zip?dl=0 Install all 4 inside. Thanks Tom
  8. Ola my friend, I just installed EIAS 9.1 on a user using Windows 11 a few days ago. How old is your dongle? Do you know if its a DUO dongle? (which runs on a Mac and Win machines)? is it a purple or a black hardware key? Thanks Tom
  9. Ola Joseph! Im waiting the new builds from Igors, but we had some slow downs since they live in Donetsk, Ukraine, its not easy right now there. Thanks a lot! Tom
  10. Ola Kurt! We are developing v10, fixing bugs and moving EIAS for the latest OS Monterey now, a long road of Apple changes. Thanks Tom
  11. Ola my friend! Sorry, we were porting the forum to a new server and I lost this msg. Thingmaker, Could you minimize this project and send me? Thanks Tom
  12. Ola JoeV! EIAS 9.1 doesnt work anymore with OS Catalina or earlier OSs, since Catalina is a 64 bits OS and EIAS 9.1 is a 32 bits app. EIAS v10 is already full 64 bits which in teory runs on the latests OS, since Mac Studio is a M1 computer, EIAS v10 probably will run on it, but Apple killed last year the previous dongle drivers for several apps, we plan to look the dongle drivers soon or later and check v10 on the M1 Macs, I will post new info later for sure. Thanks! Tom
  13. Ola Joseph! We are running to finish the bug fixing! Thanks Tom
  14. Ola Nigel! Fully agree! we don't have the sources :( Thanks Tom
  15. Ola Bernd! Yes, we don't own this shader, sorry my friend :( Thanks Tom
  16. Ola Derry, Nope, put in the Diffuse as always and only move the slider to 1.0 in the luminance (Shade). Hope that helps Thanks Tom
  17. Ola Derryl! Try to make your plane fully luminance, so, no shadow or specular will affect it. Thanks Tom
  18. Ola Saied! We don’t own the Amorrphium source code, I tried sometime ago to contact the developer, but he disappeared :( Thanks Tom EIAS3D Team tom@eias3d.com
  19. Ola Mark! We are anxious to finish it! Thanks Tom
  20. Ola Mark! EIAS v10 already runs using Roseta 2 on M1 machines, the next step will be checking the dongle driver on M1, since Apple killed it recently :( Yes, EIAS 9.1 doesn't run anymore on M1 machines. Fixing bugs here non stop. Thanks Tom
  21. Ola Joseph, We are here crushing bugs non stop, less and less bugs, but we still have some important ones to solve. Any doubt, msg me. Thanks Tom
  22. Ola Dan! Send me later a simple scene and I show you How it works on EIAS 9.1 Thanks Tom
  23. Ola Dan! If you need to render a still image and its using Raytrace, opening in EIAS 9.1 Demo, you will be able to use all Ram of your Mac on Camera and Its also multithreaded :) Thanks Tom
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