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Bug Track System

Tomas Egger

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Ola my friends

Our Bug Track System is available:

Upper right corner of our EIAS3d Forum (Bug Tracker)

or directly to this link:


Create a detailed mini-description step by step, for example like "it happens when I did..".

Unfortunately, not all bugs can be reproduced with sample projects. One kind of such bugs is system crashes. Please help us to detect and fix them. When you've got a crash you need:

1) Find a crash report file created by OSX. It's here:



Macintosh HD - name of system volume

user - login name on your Mac

2) Log on our FTP:

User uploads via web browser are enabled.


An FTP client can also be used


User: UserFTP

Pass: EIAS

Go to BUGS folder and to corresponded sub-folder inside it.

- Animator BUG Folder

- Camera BUG Folder

- Renderama BUG Folder

- Plug-ins BUG Folder

- Shaders BUG Folder

In top tool bar click "Browser Uploader" to upload your archive.

Although it will not produce immediate results, the posted reports will be considered and analyzed to fix nasty "mutable" bugs that live long from one EI version to another. The Rama/Slave crashes are especially interested for us ;-)

Thank you

EIAS3D Team :)

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