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Clipping / Transparency and Réflection


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I have a tree with leaves using UV maps.

The tree is seen mostly in reflection on a glass curtain wall and inox steel parts.

I use clipping maps end/or transparency maps with alpha channel to cut the leaves out of their supporting square polygons.

If you can't see the supporting polygons on direct view - one can see theses square polygons in the reflected parts of the images...

Any idea how to avoid having squares instead of leaves in the reflected parts of the image ? 

Best regards.... waiting for v10 (sounds like Godot !)

test reflection.jpg

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Ola my friend!

We are working non stop on v10 :)

Your problem, appears a limitation of the Raytrace render, please, do me a favor, simplify your scene, only one Tree, the used light and only one Ubershape plane behind to show these "squares" artifacts in the render, collect the scene and send me. (tom@eias3d.com)

- A trick with Trees using Raytrace GI render, please, download this sample project, in the Transparency tab / Raytrace sub-tab / you should use GI Cache as "Irradiance" to have a really faster render. 

X_Frog Tree sample project

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 19.31.19.png



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