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Renderama won't start....


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Hi !

Last time I used Renderama this year it worked fine.

I use mostly 27" iMac (all updates forbidden - so no updating since last time) with OSX from 10.11 to 10.14

Now it won't start on 3 Macs out of 5... 

It bounces in the dock and then ... nothing (no window, no app launched)

The only thing I've done since is installing Archicad 22 on this 3 Macs.

On the 2 other Macs Renderama tells me : "file not found" when starting to download file to render - but they haven't got Archicad 22 installed...

The master is an old MacPro2012-2013 running OSX 10.10

Any Idea ?

... I guess it's time for EIAS v10 update (getting long !)


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Renderama "bounces" in the dock few seconds ... and won't start.

Mainly with MACOS10.14 - but also on 10.12 !

Seems to work with 10.13 ... (I have 5 iMacs in my office)

- All computers with DHCP+Manual address.

- No Wifi - no bluetooth - all Ethernet connection.


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