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EIAS3D team

Tomas Egger

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce our team members here at EIAS3D. You will find them prowling the forums answering your questions, not to mention working hard behind the scenes to help improve the software.

We have:

Tomas Egger

A film director with 16 years of experience in special effects and motion graphics. Tomas is responsible for the videoclips graphic animation and TV commercial special effects at AD Studio. He has been a VES (Visual Effects Society) member since 2007.

In January 2010, he became partner of the EIAS main programmers, “The Igors”, and together they own and develop EIAS (the Electric Image Animation System).


The Igors

The Igors began their relationship with EIAS as plug-in developers but for the last years have been the main programmers for Animator and Camera. They joined Tomas Egger as the new owners of the EIAS Intellectual property and currently act as the heads of software development.


Matthew Hoffman

Company Consultant

David Stoddard

David is a specialist in Industrial Design and has created extensive training videos for EIAS. He is one of the foremost EIAS experts in rendering and texturing.


Richard Joly

Richard is a 3D generalist, and has long been one of the most helpful users in the EIAS community.


Ian Waters

Ian is a 3D generalist as well, previously working in Architectural Visualisation, he now makes animations for TV, specialising in VFX, rendering and animation.


Stephane Crouzet

Stephane is a 3D director and motion graphic designer working for television and advertising companies. He is an EIAS user since 13 years. His preferred 3D fields are texturing, rendering and animation.


Luis Angel Díaz-Faes Santiago

Luis is a visual artist from Spain. He is an EIAS user since 1995. He uses EIAS for interactive apps animations, web and TV. Since 7 years ago he develop shaders for EIAS http://www.triade.es/shaderlab/


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