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Tomas Egger

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[align=justify]Ola my friends!

Hello gentlemen,

We are very happy to announce that our deal with EITG is complete (although some final formalities are still in progress). According to the now signed contracts, Tomas and the Igors are the owners of the Electric Image intellectual property and the whole of the Electric Image codebase, they have full legal rights to develop and sell all new versions of the EIAS applications (starting from EI9): Animator, Camera, Renderama and all related modules. EITG remains the only place to buy EI version 8.

Generally speaking, we plan a normal and natural evolution of all aspects of animation, infrastructure and rendering within the software. EI9 development started in spring 2009 and is going quite well. We're seeking more programmers and we are working to create a new website and distribution system amongst other things. Our immediate plans are:

- Start a new EIAS3D website and new forum http://www.eias3d.com/forums/ and improve it step by step.

- Set-up an EI bug tracking mechanism.

- Take over EI8 tech support (after finishing all the necessary formalities with EITG).

- Collect a new beta-testing team.

Tomas and Igors[/align]

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