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  1. As far as i remember, was the guy who owns and invented the app was lost in the war of southeast of Europe twenty years back. So today no one can sell it...
  2. One thing i remember I was helping me at that time with rendering cropped image. Every slave get a different rendering job... Slave 1 -> from top to pixel 500 Slave 2 -> from pixel 501 to 1000 Slave 3 -> ...and so on After that i stitched them in PS It helps me out and i could use my slaves and saved render time. Maybe it will help you?
  3. Ah, ok, i didnt renderd to layers, i have that issue years ago with normal rendering, no layers. Did you try to render with only one camera?
  4. Do you render to several slaves? What version of EI?
  5. Ah, *patsch* of course... Solution for now: boot in Windows (bootcamp) so it would be native, right?
  6. Ok, and Catalina does not like EIAS?
  7. Hi Frank, why not native in High Sierra? Greetings Alex
  8. I had same issue (Forumsuhr ;-) The only way was to break apart the model. And by the way: the shader did not the job, i ended up in creating a Photoshop textur to put it on the needed parts.
  9. If we can dream it, we can make it :-)
  10. Don't forget Polytrans from Okino, imho the best way to reduce polys. Alex
  11. Tomas, any news? Did Bob send the code? Greetings, Alex
  12. Guys, you can't believe whats happened: Bob answered :-) He is the guy who built these plugs years ago and he contacted Tom :-) Now i can't wait what Tom will say.... Alex
  13. Mailed him, lets see and wait :-) Alex
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