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  1. Ola Tomas, sorry i totally forget about this. Here is the project, its shows the problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vsyanx0f7ml467/VertexBugPrj.zip?dl=0
  2. Hi Stephen, First thing i would do is check the PCI card is installed correctly, assuming it is then i would look at the sentinel drivers. You may need an older version that supports the parrallel dongle or try a clean install. Also i would install only the parrallel driver, nothing else that comes in the package. The safenet site has a util for fully removing old drivers, this solved a very frustrating problem for me. The app is called SSD cleanup. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks Rich and all :-)
  4. I sharpened up the image slightly and then used a soft focus filter, that's all.
  5. I built this for a friend and was meant to end up on a canvas but thats not happening now, anyway, really pleased with how it turned out. Btw, i post most of my stuff to flickr these days but thought this deserved to be shown here.
  6. Ok Tom, i am away for a few days, i'll do this when i get back. Thanks!
  7. Hi Tomas and team, As i mentioned in a previous thread the vertext paint only works with ubershapes on windows, you can still paint on imported models but when you re-import the paint is gone, also, painted models from amorphium no longer work, this says to me its the import system that is the problem. Could you please look at this and possibly patch before the next update, this is really important to me, especially now that some of the standard EI shaders are reactive and the only way to take advantage of that right now is to use bitmap images as reactive maps or a plugin such as color denser. Thanks Tom.
  8. It works for me but when i reopen the project there is nothing in the viewport unless i unlink placer, i'll have to figure out why.
  9. Yes Thomo, less polys for the stamp object and be sure to use bounding box preview (the option in placer). I have done this before but it would be in EI6 or 7, the way i did it was to use a simple ubershape plane xy stood on end and mapped a tree image to it, front projection since the plane is upright. I'll just take a look and get back to you. Ahh just check the texture is set to model space as default its uv for ubershapes.
  10. Hi Thomo, Looks really good. remember that the less polygons used for the base model then the more duplicates you can make, so you could try simple planes with a grass diffuse map and a clip map.
  11. Glad to hear that. Yes its windows aero and themes that cause a problem with the display in some 3d software.
  12. Zaxwerks have recognized the problem with fact export PC side, .obj works fine though.
  13. Guys! i'm pretty sure you can solve these problems by following the directions here- http://www.eias3d.com/forums/topic/599-interface-issues-in-windows-7-and-vista/ Works for me.
  14. Hi Thomo, I've found that if using bounding box preview (the option in placer general settings) then the plugin does not run out of memory when creating instances in animator. The real limitation is 32bit camera memory, i was able to generate and render 7.6million triangles but any more and the memory runs out. I was also able to use a weight map as a placement map, this with the quadro laptop though.
  15. I'll take a look as soon as i get chance, as i said, my "test" was pretty basic. Usually when the plugin runs out of memory its due to creating more geometry than it can handle so if you reduce the number of instances or use a lower poly base model then that should solve the problem. I don't know about weight maps, i have a workstation with a Geforce card and laptop with a Quadro card so i'll take a look at that too. Apart from workarounds all we can really do is wait for Blair to update the plugins, frustrating but at least he's still working on it, i have many 3d party plugins and shaders that won't ever be updated (some have stopped working too) due to those guys going out of business.
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