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  1. I have EI installed on a Mac with Mojave OS. Anything I render I get this error. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Tomas, are you saying to put the shader in the Luminance/Glow / Luminance Maps only? I tried this but still see specular/light spots. I am a bit rusty with EI, just got it back up and running, thanks!
  3. Hello, I am trying to use some useful EI materials I have made in the past, in other programs. In my opinion Maya is sorely lacking in material creation that software like aFractal and NX has. Before these are gone forever, I would like to make permanent textures out of them. Someone had a post on how to do it but I can't find it. I think it had to do with a non-reflective plane facing the camera but I am fuzzy on how the lighting works since it has to be so even. Thanks to anyone that help. -Derryl
  4. Thanks Tomas, I made all three apps 'Admin' but Animator still asks for the code and then quits every time. Renderrama and Camera open okay though.
  5. We can't install on the new Mac OS so we are trying to install on Win 10 with bootcamp. I downloaded the win version of 9.1, the 4 drivers and the drivers for the dongle but when I open EIAS and put in the unlock code it just quits. Not sure what step I could have missed. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Tomas. Looking forward to the update.
  7. All the new machines that I have purchased come with Catalina (10.12) and won't run EIAS. Guess I will have to keep an older machine to run it. What is the latest MacOS that EI still works on without issues? I need to render some older projects but I am stuck. Thanks. -Derryl
  8. thingmaker


    I am not able to get this link to work. Is there another location for SimCloth? Thanks. Edit: Never mind. It was a browser caching issue.
  9. Thanks Steve. That actually worked out pretty good.
  10. Tom, yes that is correct. Here is an example:
  11. Is there a way to have the perspective camera render animation in Orthographic view? An issue I run into is that I will have models that are exactly the same from say the front view but when when rendered in the Camera's perspective view you can see the differences between the two. If I render from Front view the result is fine. But I don't see a way to animate from Front, Side or Top. I can do one frame at a time but that is tedious. Thanks. -Derryl
  12. I figured it out. It must be in Keyframe view. Then it keeps the selected state until the state changes again.
  13. I have many objects that need to turn off and on throughout the animation. If look at the object in Frame view in the Project window I see the Visibility state of Off or On but I can only change one at a time even if I select many columns. Is there a way to change many frames at one time? Thanks. -Derryl
  14. Obrigado Tomas! I don't want to interrupt your work on EIAS X.. :)
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