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  1. You could export it as an obj, and use another program to separate them. And import back into EI as obj. Blender, which is free, can do that.
  2. You could import the model into Blender and use the Decimate modifier, apply then export, using .obj https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/modifiers/generate/decimate.html
  3. If you check the use photon map box, then you can hide the light objects. Then you need to turn on photons.
  4. If you use an area light, you can assign any geometry to be light emitting. Do you have a sample of what you like to achieve?
  5. 12 gig is not much. I was running out of memory with 16 gig with large scenes. For very large scenes, 32 or even more is needed.
  6. See the screenshot. Basically add an effector, give it a unique name, turn on its animation channel. Move its position at different points in time. And you will have a path. In Contortionist, set Path Type to Use Effector, and enter the name of that path.
  7. Used contortionist with v9 quite a bit. I usually use effectors to create my path, so you can change it anytime within EI. Works okay for me.
  8. Hi, I always use obj format for models I buy from places like turbosquid and rarely have problems importing with the new 9.0/9.1 obj importer. obj is the best, much better than 3ds or FBX. But there are some rare cases where an obj would open in Maya, Blender, Photoshop CS but not EI. Usually I resave in Blender or save the model as several parts and it would work. Since Blender is free, maybe you can try that? - David
  9. Been using latest EIAS on Yosemite for about a day, so far so good.
  10. Hi David, that particular exterior shot in the article was indeed rendered with EI, but on the MINIUSA site, all the exterior configurator images were rendered in either v-ray or modo. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks! - David Wu
  11. Wow! Great work! Very realistic. When we are that close to a face, pores and tiny facial hairs would be visible, but tiny hairs would be hard to do.
  12. EI works fine with hackintoshes, I have a couple hackintosh slaves and they are great! However, try to stick with snow leopard, as I am getting lots of OSX crashes on lion and mountain lion, even on real macs.
  13. Happy belated Birthday to you Tom! -David
  14. Hi, I have a potential still rendering that needs to show a 3D text being shattered kind of like glass. Looks like precutting the model then using Blaster is the way to go? Question, any knows if Blaster is UB and works reliably in EIAS v8? Also, seems like Rodeo would can also achieve something similar? Any suggestions? Thanks! -David
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