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  1. Very nice work. Thanks for posting.
  2. Are you getting closer to releasing a new/updated feature list for version 10?
  3. Like it very much, but can you begin to tell us about new features or changes in v10?
  4. Is it time to start teasing new features/improvements?
  5. Was this generated in some other app and then rendered in EIAS or created entirely in EIAS?
  6. Thanks for the update. Does this mean release is imminent?
  7. I hope it's released before the end of the year.
  8. Will marketing materials and advertising be ready as soon as EIAS 10 is completed? I really want 10 to succeed!
  9. I haven't but wanted to know if I should hold-off for a while.
  10. Reviving an old topic but Silo claims to have fixed FACT export in latest beta. http://nevercenter.com/silo/release_notes/
  11. I saw the test render post on Facebook -- any more news?
  12. I clicked on this thinking it was announcement news. :-(
  13. Any chance for a release by the end of the year?
  14. Very natural and realistic looking. Good Job!
  15. Scott, With QuickRes it works like you desire. Without QuickRes it looks like a standard iMac, as far as window/text size. I'm going to try and attach an image showing the different sizes: 2560 x 1440 (EIAS on normal Retina iMac); 3200 x 1800 (QuickRes setting); 6400 x 3600 (highest QuickRes setting). Some things to note: -- In the jpg image, each of the three project windows vertically fill the 27 inch iMac display. -- At 6400 x 3600 the project window text is too small for my eyes. I can move closer and make it out but would have a headache within minutes. -- Mouse pointer speed would have to be increased as it becomes slower at higher screen resolution. -- QuickRes offers other sizes in between what I have displayed here. I preferred 3200 or 3800 (horizontal resolution). Much higher and in my opinion text is too small. -- I bought the iMac for processor speed, but the screen is excellent and better than expected. Image file too big to attach. Link: http://ziccardiproductions.com/EIAS_retina_iMac.jpg Be sure to download and view at 1:1 or 100% :shy: HTH, Paul
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