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  1. Can´t wait, Tomas- I´m very interested in the new features, my credit card is ready :D FelixCat
  2. I have seen the recent Paul Sherstovitof new images and the beautiful light that can get... could be possible with the EiAS renderer? i dont know if you are improving the renderer for this EiAS 10. Thanks for your time Felix
  3. Hola, Tomas. Waiting nervously, can´t wait to see the new features... btw, SSS? micropoly displacement?... well. Thanks Félix
  4. Very nice, Kish! Any list of features? Thanks a lot FélixCat
  5. Thanks, Tom. Any hints about the new tools? please!!!! FelixCat
  6. Shut!!! Hola, Tomas. Since OpenGL and OpenCL are esential for graphics and hardware-acelerated rendering i suppose Apple has some way to replace them... or not? this could be desastrous. I think it´s forcing the apps to replace them internally. Apple has lost all interest in the professional users in MAC. Shut (again) Best regards, Félix
  7. Hi, Tomas, sounds promising. Any ETA? i can`t wait to see what are you planing, boys! puts a bit of warm in my old heart ;D FelixCat
  8. Very nice, Alonzo. Beautifull light and rendering. Sad that have to go to other programs and apps for doing it. But great indeed. Thaks. FelixCat
  9. THAT could be a great plug in!
  10. It happens. Will be possible the connection between EiAS and Cronosculpt?
  11. Hi, Tomas. Yes, the MDD import works very well in EiAS. My point is exporting. If you have time, look at this: https://www.lightwave3d.com/chronosculpt/ Looks very impresive for adjusting details of an animation... I´m very curious about the improvements in C.A. in EiAS, and my Visa is ready :D Thanks for your time FelixCat
  12. Hi, Tomas. The new EiAS will be able to export an animation in MDD format for importin in Cronosculpt for refining? And... when, when, when????? Thanks FelixCat
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone & a great New Year (and a new EiAS) FelixCat
  14. Hi, Tom. It's a purple dongle. I didn't upgrade to Eias 8, sorry, but i was a bit disapointed... but i will upgrade to EiAS 10 absolutely! the rewriting of the code give me some hope to see a more modern, robust and versatile software :D Can't wait for the list of new features. Greetings, Félix
  15. Hi, Tomas We are growing older... but i have great expectations. BTW i will need to purchase a new dongle for my MacPro. The dongle that i have works in my oooooold power mac. Can't wait for the new features and improvements
  16. Very beautiful renders! it seems that Camera has seen great improvements. Cant wait to see the next
  17. Some of this new options that are appearing could be in the new EiAs? Just saying... ;) Thanks for the great work FelixCat
  18. I remember Mac Reiter's TAFA (macreitercreations.com), a very efficient lipsync tool that is, now, a sort of abandonware (like SILO, BTW). It was very interesting. Just saying ;) FelixCat
  19. You are giving hope to the hopless ;) can't wait! any ETA? Thanks a lot FelixCat
  20. Hi, Tomas, Igors Any news 4 the next Eias? Are some improvemets with caracter animation? i pretend to upgrade but i am not sure of the new Eias in this... Thanks for your great work Félix
  21. Hi, Tomas. Nice to see EiAS evolving. Can´t wait to see the new developments. Thanks
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