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    Videographer / editor. Own and operate my own biz since
    1991. Bought my first copy of EIAS which was 2.0 in 01 or 02 ( don't remember exactly) on EBay. Produced really awesum images on a
    PowerMac 9700.

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  1. Hi there thanks for fast reply. Yes I was thinking that too. I will try removing internet connection I am using a Ethernet switch and its also running the internet through it thanks
  2. Hi there all Render Rama not working in 10.13.6 was wondering if anyone else had the same issue. Works fine on my other machine so I am able to get my work done there. But was just curious if there was something with 10.13.6 ? The app itself comes up, its just not accepting any jobs from Animator. However the camera works fine Locally without network rendering Thanks so much
  3. Greetings. Was going through all the ads online and off gazing at all the Black Friday deals. Soooo just wondering about EIAS ??? Ok just kiddin ..... LOL Happy thanksgiving to all
  4. Hi , I was wondering if you can tell me what process you used to go from Silo to EIAS? I am having a great deal of problems trying to get silo models into EIAS. Thanks
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