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  1. Ola Tom, Great to exchange words again. I imagine the Igors are still going strong? Fingers crossed. Can you set me straight on work flow for v9.1, and OS X Sierra. I should use one slave, and the camera should get all the memory and all the threads. So it's just a way to put things in a rendering cue for the moment? I've been with Electric image since '91. So, yes, I am looking forward to v10. Cheers, Yon
  2. The layer thing was to see if it was broken in that format too. With one camera it has worked great. One is the only way I've rendered for years... but now, the rendering times were getting huge, due to the desire for 3D plants. I was checking to see if this would reduce the time. Thank you for your time, speaking of it.
  3. Hi Fantomas, Yes, 8 slaves. Version 9.1 I am narrowing it down to the project... unfortunately. Older projects render and stitch correctly with the current slaves. And it appears for this project, the photoshop 'layers' stitch together correctly. Still trying to get a handle on what I broke :) -Yon
  4. Greeting Everyone. I've been away for years, but the Pandemic moves in funny ways. Working with very large images again. Never run into this though. Renderama and Frame Strips. The Stitching is not in order. I've just rebuilt the slave folders. Restarted the computer. Thanks, Yon
  5. OK, It turned out to be the folder sharing & permissions settings. When the slave folders were copied to the other computers over the ethernet, the folder permissions where set to "Read Only." :huh: So I went to the folder that held all the slaves, change its permissions to "read & write" and then used the script (with the cog icon in the info window) to "apply to all enclosed items." Now everything works fine. ---------------- Thanks for the help Tomas. Deadlines always cloud the user's vision. You helped clear that.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm working on a big scene, lots of trees. Proxy is working great on the master machine. All the slaves addressing its internal processors work flawlessly. So on the master machine, the slaves work with Proxy. When I send it out to our render farm I get an "RPLG error ID: 1 Error Number : 2" The strange part of the error is that the path, it is searching for the plugins, goes back to the socket folder of the master machine, and not the socket folder for the slave. All of these slave machines are exactly the same as the master (Mac Pro Towers, 12 processors, this years models). All of the slaves folders are the same (including copies of Proxy in the Socket folders). The only difference is of course that each slave has its own IP settings. Rendering files sent to the slave machines with out Proxy included render fine. With proxy, they stop. Any help would be great, Thanks, Yon PS Does anyone know if it is possible to export the proxy instances as facts, and have them come back in as originals, as opposed to the single proxy at 0,0,0?
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