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  1. Hiya, All trees and foliage are photoshop. The scene is around 7 million polys as it stands so its easier to put them in later. ta nige.
  2. Hi Thanks for the responses guys! ta nige
  3. Hiya, Sorry - playground stuff again :D I was asked to come up with a concept for a new range of play equipment. This is the sort of this I love to do in EIAS. Modeled in ViaCad. 1. 2. 3. ta nige.
  4. Hiya all, Some user pack suggestions: 1. Ability to save window layouts 2. Sticky windows that snap to each other 3. Ability for camera to render to texture, ie render a material at a user defined resolution for reapplication to a group. Maybe part of the texture window interface, with auto reapplication (removing previous shaders etc), also possibly a way to do a texture preview? 4. Contextual pop-up for group selection. Windows can get very cluttered and selection without the project window open can be tricky. The menu would list all groups ‘perpendicular’ under the mouse point when clicked. 5. Modify the procedure to add a null to the size of an existing group using the alt key by allowing it to work with multiple groups and the resulting bounding of the null is the sum of all selected groups. 6. Force bitmap display. When a shader is added over a bitmap in the texture window the OGL preview doesn't look great. Add a way of flagging a bitmap in the stack to be the default OGL display regardless of what shader(s) may be above it. 7. Import groups with children as a closed hierarchy, maybe a preference setting? 8. Add the contextual pop-up that allows changes to multiply groups via input fields or check boxes to sliders too. 9. Positive translation feedback. The gizmo should show the user feedback of what translation axis is selected, ie change thickness/colour. 10. When toggling window to full screen, toggling back should take the window back the the previous size/position. This only works in this manner sometimes. 11. More format saving options in snapshot window eg jpg etc. 12. Measuring tool for quick and simple measurements 13. User defined default material. Thanks nige.
  5. Hi Mickael, Thanks :) It's under construction now and should be open in a few weeks! The layout has changed though as an air-raid shelter was discovered when work commenced! ta nige.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the responses! Here is a crop as requested. thanks again ta nige.
  7. Hiya David, My two main modelers: ViaCAD 3d - Good toolset, accurate, cheap & native fac. output Max Design 2010 - Fast & easy, and outputs flawless fac. files via Polytrans. I also use a bit of AutoCAD and some Modo. The AutoCAD files go through Max for export to EIAS. I tried to like Modo but I just don't get it, but I have used if with a few projects. ta nige
  8. Thanks guys...... An image like this is fundamental for us at the proposal stage, this particular scheme won (300K£). Most clients will not place an order without a graphic like this. I will try and post some more when I'm back in the office on Monday. I've always been a bit 'shy' in posting stuff as I always seem to be in a rush and the images are never as good as I would like them to be! ta nige.
  9. Hiya all, Here is a pic of a recent playground design that I did in EIAS Thanks nige
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