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  1. Hi I find ViaCADs meshing to be better than EIM. Same meshing tools like max edge length etc, plus you get to preview it and see the total poly count. This is an area that Bonzai3D is quite weak in. ta nige.
  2. Hiya Bill, .jt is an open source format used by Siemens and as far as I can tell is only used in high-end CAD systems such as those from Siemens, Dassault and AutoDesk (Invenotor). stp/step would be your best bet. You can download one of the 15 day trails of ViaCAD3d/Pro and try the step import. ViaCAD outputs great .fac files. ViaCAD 2D/3D is only $99. ta nige.
  3. Hiya, Wow, wonderful stuff :) I'm so jealous! My degree background is archaeology and i'd love to do some stuff like this. My faves are Ponte and Villa. ta nige.
  4. Hey all, I've just started to play around with Draftsight, a free AutoCAD clone form Dassault Systems (Mac and Windows versions): http://www.3ds.com/products/draftsight/download-draftsight/ It uses dwg/dxf as it's native file format and so allows me to get profiles from Draftsight or other Cad system into EIAS via dxf so that I can use them with MrsBeble or Trestle etc.....very handy :-) ta nige
  5. Hi Dave, Really cool! ta nige
  6. Hiya, A bit long-winded, but i think you can import native poser files into Daz Studio (free), and that exports to .obj. It also use to have an FBX export plug-in too (not free). ta nige
  7. Hiya, Have you tried playing about the reactive version of the Fractal Shader? You could place a texture map under this shader and set the reactive bump appropriately to the texture map you're using to 'mask' the areas as necessary. ta nige
  8. Hi Michael, Thats a great improvement! Really nice render. ta nige.
  9. Hiya, Really cool stuff! Do you comp the grass in or is it part of the render. I always find realistic grass quite difficult! ta nige
  10. Hiya, Thanks for the input, much appreciated. ta nige
  11. Hiya all, Anyone have any experience running EIAS 8 under Windows 7 64 bit? I'm looking to get an i7 system and the mac option is too expensive :-( Many thanks nige.
  12. Hi, In the Sculptris forum there is a link to a mac X11 version (i think??), http://drpetter.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sculptris&action=display&thread=661 I haven't been able to launch it though. ta nige
  13. Hiya ã©ã†ãŒã¯ ã™ã°ã‚‰ã—ã„ ã§ã™ (Great animation!) ta nige.
  14. Hiya, Tomas kindly took at look at the scene file and the render time has dropped from around 9 hours to around 40 minutes! I need to examine the file now to see where I made my mistakes :-) Mark, the scene was originally a Max file and the materials were all Vray. I exported the mesh out of Max via Polytrans. I always get a great mesh with Polytrans, but sometimes the uv map can be missing or messed up a bit. With this scene there were no groupings exported, but I think this is a Max issue. ta nige.
  15. Hiya, Here is another evermotion scene. I need to work on the water surface and the planting! This took an age to render so I need to find out why too. Thanks nige.
  16. Hey, Thanks for all the comments guys!!! Michael, i agree with all of your comments! These will be corrected at some point :-) The scene is pre-modeled and originally came in Max/Vray flavour. I just wanted a nice looking room scene to jump in with and start experimenting :-) There are nine more scenes on the disc to follow! Ultimately i will model the rooms and some of the furniture etc but use pre-made content to flesh out a scene. I'm currently vacationing in Japan right now but i want to do some more when i return as this type of scene is something that I haven't attempted before and they are are good fun. ta nige.
  17. Hiya All, One last version, I don't want to bore you all! :) Render time was about 90mins using a single core on my 2.66 Macbook pro Thanks nige.
  18. Hiya all, Thanks for the input guys! I tried to play around with the settings as per Thomas' post, but found that the white walls weren't as clean. This image has the same settings as the previous post but with over intensity at 2.5 and photon map at 8million, bounces at 8. I think having white walls isn't helping! The glass is from the Igors recipe. I don't think there is a noticeable difference in terms of quality, but i prefer it. ta nige.
  19. Hiya, OK, geting there I think..... :-) There are a few blotches lurking in corners....is this a matter the photon map or the rays count? The photon map is 5million and rays for the area light an GI are both at 900. Also, is there a way to get more contrast and slightly deeper contact shadows? Many thanks nige.
  20. Hi all, Here is the photon map; i'm not too sure how to tell a good one from a bad one :-) Here is the render with GI. Note the difference in the glass. It has a black cast too it now. Also, the illumination of the back wall looks very different. The original post has only one area light that covers the three windows on the left hand side. In that set-up you can see that the illumination of the back wall is more predictable than with three area light, but the glass is still not rendering clear. Thanks in advance, nige.
  21. Hiya Igors, Thats sort of what i've been doing, though with a lower number of photons than you suggest. I'll post the 'Always visible' version with the adjusted photon count when i have a moment. Thanks for the assistance, nige.
  22. Hiya all, I wanted to try an interior render so I'm playing around with this evermotion scene. I get a bit stuck about the relationship with between photons and GI, I also can't seem to get glass and reflections to render properly without switching on GI secondary rays. Any help would be greatly received :-) ta nige.
  23. Hiya, I didn't think the 3ds format had changed in some time? Are you sure it's not a .max file? If the file isn't to big to email I can convert it to fact from max 2010 via Polytrans, but it won't be until Monday I'm afraid. ta nige
  24. Hiya I had a bike like that! Nice render. ta nige
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