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  1. Hiya, Just a quick render of a bathroom from an Evermotion collection. Ta Nige.
  2. Hi all, Thanks. The background image is a random one I found. I'll hunt around for a better one! Ta, Nige.
  3. Hiya, Thanks Richard. I've tweaked it a little now:
  4. Hiya all, I recently brought a CG Axis collection of ready made interiors and thought i'd make a start on them during the school holidays! This is my first attempt at one - still needs some work ^_^ Loving EIAS's blurred reflections! Ta, Nige.
  5. Hiya Derryl, Not sure how to attach files other than pictures here. Do you have an email address? Ta, Nige.
  6. Hiya Have to say that I have used FormZ 7 and I haven't had problems I couldn't solve with fact export. I'd be happy to look at one of your FormZ files that gives you problems. Thanks Nige.
  7. Hiya Reuben, I use to have similar issues when I had EIAS on a windows machine, but this was years ago. I think the issue if invisible groups is to do with the winding order of the ploygons(?). I use to have to take the fac into silo and re-export os a obj file. It always came in to EIAS fine. Thanks, Nige.
  8. Hiya, I use obj's from CGAxis. They currently have a 50% sale with the code AUTUMN14 They have a few free models to try. http://cgaxis.com Ta, Nige.
  9. haha, really good. I wonder how he got Bill Paterson involved? (UK actor who's been in lots of high profile British drama). ta Nige.
  10. Hi, I got a reply from nevercenter support and they said the .fac issue is on their to-do list for the next update. Thanks, Nige.
  11. Hi Tom, That's disappointing! I'll drop them an email too. Thanks, Nige.
  12. Hi all, After years of no development it seems that Silo has had a small update! Downloading and installing the trial version will update you to 2.3 http://nevercentre.com/silo/ Thanks, Nige.
  13. Hiya You could try the 'Make UV' plugin? Parents all your groups and add the plug to the parent, you'll still see the repeats but their position on each brick should be different if you play around with it. The plug use to be on the download page - I can't remember if it's part of the install now. ta nige.
  14. Hi, ViaCAD/Shark is a good option, but I prefer the interface/workflow of FormZ or it's little brother Bonzai. All have excellent fac export. ta nige.
  15. Hiya, On the downloads page is an ambient occlusion shader - Apass. Just use this as a camera map. Ta nige.
  16. Hiya, Just an addition - Autodesk Inventor Fusion is available for free. It's a sub-set of the full-blown Inventor application and offers solid and surface modelling along with parametric and assemblies. It outputs sat files so you should be able to get them into EI Modeller, Formz, Bonzai 3D and ViaCAD etc. Looks quite nice - available from the app store for Mac users. ta nige
  17. Hi, Another vote here for ViaCAD and Bonzai 3D. ViaCAD is cheaper and has a slightly deeper toolset, but Bonzai has a better interface. Both of these apps produce great fac files! Bonzai has a nice terrain tool that may be of use for your battlefield project. ta nige.
  18. Hiya Meester Smith, There are a few I believe. There is Persona-id in Cardiff and (i think), Robert Watson in Manchester, who both do great Arch Viz stuff. I use to use it at my pervious company, Wicksteed Playscapes, but now they are 100% Max. I still do freelance playground design with it. ta nige
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