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  1. On 5/8/2021 at 2:52 PM, Thomo said:

    Looks Nice Nigel,

    Arer you aware of the layer rendering in EIAS. Considering post production on the image.


    Yes, I do sometimes use the layer system in EIAS, but not in this instance - not sure why ;)



  2. Hi everyone,

    I posted this a while back on the eias facebook page, but I have updated it since then as I didn't like the sofa. Rendered in about 3 mins. Click image for larger view.




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  3. Hiya Kim, Diego and Nori,

    Thanks for the input gentlemen. Nori, that video is just what I need to generate! I will play with the six camera rig placed in a simple cube and see what results I get :) I'm assuming that in EI it's  a  matter of rendering a 360 for each camera? We have After Effects at the college so that shouldn't be  a problem. We also have an Oculus Rift headset in our Games Design department, though I'm not sure what  format it requires.

    I also need to add hotspots within the VR that can be accessed by the hand controller. These will bring up a simple still graphic with text. Does this require specialist software? Finally, I need to render three simple rooms and have a method of accessing/moving between each one.

    Thanks again for the advice, 


    Edit: just found this in an older post:

    1. Output from EI's rendering format to Environment

    2. Batch Converting from EI Viewer to Vertical Cross

    3. Use Adobe AE's SKYBOX Plugin. Vertical cross to 2: 1 Equirectangular

    So I just render out six stills to those specs? Is there a render aspect ratio that I need to maintain - 2:1 (4k 2:1 = 4096 x 2048)?


  4. Hiya EI gang,

    I may have the opportunity to do a VR project but I have no experience of this type of thing! It will involve modeling an environment and creating a 360 view with this ending up in a VR headset. Has anyone tried this sort of thing? 

    Any help would be appreciated :)


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