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How to layer several Normal Maps to combine their effect


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For a human head model, I have a Normal Map for its facial features (facial muscles, wrinkles, etc.) and another for a clawed skin scar. Each map works well by itself, but If I stack both of them, the one on top prevails, the one below showing no effect whatsoever.

Is there any way, any blend mode or any other method, that will mix them as if both features were in a single map? I've been playing with the blend mode of the Normal Map on top, to no avail: No matter which blend mode I choose, the result is exactly the same. 

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Looks like Photoshop's Overlay transfer mode does exactly what's needed: when applied to the layer on top it mixes both Normal Maps' blueish textures perfectly, as if both were a single thing. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to combine my textures there.

Might it be that EIAS' texture blend modes are disabled for Normal Maps?

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