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Reviving of EI Modeler


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Kishore Mulchandani posted this on Facebook:

"Folks, I am currently engaging in reviving the EIModeler. I'd like to get feedback on focusing the development efforts and would appreciate if you could fill out a survey for me. If you are interested, could you message me your email address? Upon receiving the address I will send you link to an online survey. Thanks for your time."

If you are interested in helping please contact him at the following address:


Thanks for your help!


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This is the time to go ahead with suggestions that could make the EIModeler the best tool for our needs. I worked with FormZ and Silo and both had quirks in exporting to Fact. No tool is perfect but if we all pitch in, the Modeler could be the tool we need. Like the song said:

...You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes (and pitch in) you might find
You get what you need!

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Richard …


Wow … have no idea what I could contribute - still have modeler on a 2000 - 17" iBook pro (LOL) - haven't used it in years though … but if I were to request anything it would be automatic - adjustable - configurable - beveled text (which used to be in FormZ - but was removed several versions ago) … The beveled text in EI currently is good … however … a variety of adjustable bevel options would be wonderful. 

And for that matter - adjustable bevels on all 3d created objects would be a major plus.

Thank you … for doing this …


Hal Meyers

p.s. - Oh … I might be able to assist when it comes time to create the PDF / interactive manual / …

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Hi, I just joined. Still waiting for the new dongle.

This is interesting. Personally, I've found Sketchup 3d to be the most intutitive modeller - even for importing into eias, and I've tried a few. 
if there is an alpha, I'd love to try it and help if I can. The more like sketchup 3d, I'd say, the better for eias users. It just snaps and extrudes so simply and intuitively. Great use of guides, automatic completion of shapes. More intuitive than any other program, I'd say. Make sure to include some sort of an easy geometric star/polyhedron tools. The best layer tools I've ever seen were in Form-Z. ghost, unghost, lock, unlock. certain functions are very repetitive. I'm still a fan of Illustrator88 :-) for simplicity of graphic interface... 

I hope it doesn't try to compete with maya in terms of complexity :-/

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