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Nice to meet you, barnabythebear
I finished VR video work several times through EIAS.
I've been helped by Diego.
I was trying to post a comment on Norihito San's comments below.
I could not write because of busy work. (Sorry Norihito San ~ :-)

As you can see, my English is bad.
But if you have any questions, I will write to you.

It is things that have suffered and learned. However, I am willing to EIAS Member !!

Please call me "Kim". Everyone here calls me that. lol

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Hi Nige, 

As Tom said I already did  360º fotage with EIAS, it works perfectly, the only thing is that you have to make an array of 6 cameras attached to a cube and then sew them in After Effects that the latest version already has a filter to sew these separate renders.
If you need to do stereoscopic 360º then you have to put two arrays of 6 cameras each and separate them 6.5 cm to emulate the separation distance of human eyes.

I you do still VR you have to use Cube Map proyection. Stereo side by side.

If you do animation VR use spherical map proyection. Stereo over under.

I hope this help, please ask any thing you need.



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Hiya Kim, Diego and Nori,

Thanks for the input gentlemen. Nori, that video is just what I need to generate! I will play with the six camera rig placed in a simple cube and see what results I get :) I'm assuming that in EI it's  a  matter of rendering a 360 for each camera? We have After Effects at the college so that shouldn't be  a problem. We also have an Oculus Rift headset in our Games Design department, though I'm not sure what  format it requires.

I also need to add hotspots within the VR that can be accessed by the hand controller. These will bring up a simple still graphic with text. Does this require specialist software? Finally, I need to render three simple rooms and have a method of accessing/moving between each one.

Thanks again for the advice, 


Edit: just found this in an older post:

1. Output from EI's rendering format to Environment

2. Batch Converting from EI Viewer to Vertical Cross

3. Use Adobe AE's SKYBOX Plugin. Vertical cross to 2: 1 Equirectangular

So I just render out six stills to those specs? Is there a render aspect ratio that I need to maintain - 2:1 (4k 2:1 = 4096 x 2048)?


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Hi All,

I'm not sure I'm doing it right, but I rendered a square resolution in EIAS (1024 I think) but rendered it as "environment."

I placed the camera in the center of space and (without ever moving camera) I rotated it 90º to capture the four sides, then

rotated it to capture top and bottom.  I will check my notes, but I think this is how I I ended up with a vertical cross of the whole space. 

I took the vertical cross into Photoshop and carefully cut it into six squares.

I then went to internet and found some javascript that displays six squares as VR (one-two-three-four-top-bottom) and got this

result:  http://www.mostbeautifulroom.com/thomas-jefferson-capitol/thomas-jefferson-capitol-virtual-reality.html

I'd like to find out more about the stereo part... not sure I'm doing it right...

Richard (chenarch) 


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