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How to install on Windows 11 (i7 13700K) successfully?


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Having just migrated from Mac to a brand new Intel i7 13700K-based Windows 11 system, I find that I can't get EIAS 9.1 (and EIModeler, which I was nostalgic about) to run, while I've had not problem managing that on older Windows 10 systems (even on VirtualBox!). The problem is that I'm getting a Hardware Key Error: DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED error message.

Things I've done and their results:

Given all that, I wonder if you have a recipe or sequence for a successful install. Other than Windows 11, the processor might be a factor, as 13th generation i7 come with 24 cores and that seems to be problematic for some old apps somehow.

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I managed to make it work. The issues were:

  • I had Windows 11's Core isolation's Memory Integrity feature on, and it was keeping the Sentinel driver from loading (it shows so in the Device Manager control panel). I had to switch it off to be able to work. I first had to uninstall that more recent version I had downloaded from the vendor (It probably is compatible with that security feature, but EIAS didn't seem to be able to use it) and then just reinstall EIAS.
  • I hadn't installed all four Library packages from your link (I was too accustomed to only use x64 versions, forgetting that EIAS has both 32 and 64 bit components).

Thank you so much for your help  :)

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Windows 11 failed

I did install the 4 redistributable.

Installed the "Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.6.1.exe" dongle driver

Then uninstalled that driver.

Reinstalled EIAS 9.1 installer that install the dongle driver

Turned off Core Isolation Memory Integrity in Windows Security.

Rebooted 100 times.

I get this message when starting Animator.exe as Administrator

eias 9_1 driver not found.png

eias hkey.png

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