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Evening terrace


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Hi again, everyone.
This time I posted a image using GI. (Reverse illumination & Sky light)
I had a little more time than usual for this job.
I usually had to manually place fake lights for reverse illumination, but this time the input process was very easy.
The render time was a little longer than usual, but still so fast.
EIAS will continue to be a good buddy.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/hxpl8ibnt2icvtz/Evening terrace.jpg?dl=0

I am currently learning photon mapping after all these years.
I would like to use it if I have time...



Evening terrace-s.jpg

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Hi Akai,

Very nice image.

Is this the image straight from EIAS or is there some post process? Reason I ask is the light bulb flares. Curious how that was done if in EIAS.

I also find EIAS a bit lacking with metallic materials, it'd be nice if the displacement map had some affect on the reflection.

Once again though, really nice image. Thanks for sharing.

Tomas, update? ;-)

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Hi Thomo, nice to  meet you.

Sorry, I forgot to make a note of it.
I use photoshop to create light flares, brightness & contrast, and background images.
A long time ago, used to place EIAS light flares and light glows on top of each other.
But I couldn't bear to adjust the size one by one anymore...

And you're right!
To be photorealistic, I want to do more, and I need to know more.
But my clients don't want anything too photorealistic, so I didn't explore new and render time-consuming techniques too much….
Now, I'm finally trying to take the first step.

”There's a life form in Tokyo that sincerely wants a new version.!”
That's the reason why I kept posting this time.
Thank you all for your continued support!


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Thanks Akai,

EIAS has some very useful tools and there is a life form in Australia and Asia as well. ......Waiting Tomas!! :-)

Camera matching is a tool that, for Arch Viz, and that seems to be your direction, that EIAS has, and stands apart from recent apps.

I use other apps for rendering now/mostly but I always use EIAS for setting up a virtual camera to match a physical camera.

Still baffles me why other GPU based Arch Viz apps cannot include an Alpha chanel, a diffuse and a focal length but still want to charge excess Euros for an upgrade! LOL

Keep posting the great work and I look forward to more posts!

Render Fast. Retire Young!

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